The Landscape Vernacular paper-marquetry series is a research-based inquiry addressing the history of land depiction and changing attitudes about land use and ecology. Catalyzed by interlocking combinations of texts and images, Landscape Vernacular collages juxtapose vintage ephemera and imagery from the 18th- through 21st centuries, tracing the dawn of the Anthropocene epoch.

A rule-based series of puzzle-piece-fit landscape collages created by cutting up other artist's depictions of land.

A rule-based series of puzzle-piece-fit collages in which imagery is removed from two or more parent sources and then exchanged with an opposite source in such a way as to establish minimal waste or zero-waste during the process of making diptych collages.

A grouping of unrelated collage projects which honor individuated artists in the lineage of collage and/or landscape history

Post-BFA collages 

Note: beginning in 1989, with few exceptions, the artist refrained from making collages in favor of promoting drawing and painting as the primary vehicle to explore appropriation.

A series of collages created during the artist's senior year at RISD's European Honors Program in Rome, Italy, created on the pages of Il Libro dei Rec. 1900 (Book of Kings)

A series of collages created during the artist's junior year at RISD, created on the pages of an Odd Fellows Union Yearbook, c.1920.

A visual overview of the "puzzle-piece-fit" collage process.